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Friday, May 20, 2011

hOt sPoT cRimE aReAs in KL

Hye2, slamat pagi jumaat...lama dh tak post entry kan...bersawang dah blog ni... huhu banyak spiderman and spiderwoman lor... This morning i received an email from my friend, Yana... and me rasa me nak share dgn sume org sbb ianya sangat2 penting... N kat KL ni bnyk betul kejadian jenayah yg berlaku.... So, meh sini meh, me nak share something yg sangat2 berguna dgn korang suuuummmeee......

Dear Friends,
This info was sent to me by an ex-journalist of The Sun Newspaper who covers Crime news in KL. Do inform your loved ones.

Please take note of this few HOT SPOT CRIME AREAS IN KL

1    Lebuh Ampang Bus Stop Near The Indian Restaurants - Snatch Thief Area, victims are normally Malay and Indian girls who are alone and not aware. Sexy Indian Girls, please be extra careful if you are to say a word, they will insult you with vulgar words or even slap your face if you put up a fight.

2    Jalan Ampang - Menara Great Eastern / Great Eastern Mall  - If you are approached by anyone - men or women asking for directions or the time, please be ALERT of any car or motobike that comes near you. Stop your conversation and run for your life, if not, be ready to scream or if you have a spray, get it ready. Tag Team Ahli Gusti Jahat Gang will either snatch your handbag / handphone or sepak you if they can't get anything from you. If you are too sexy - they will bundle you into their car or molest you on the spot.
[ They work in a team of  4 to 6 persons]. THE GIRL IS THEIR DECOY [UMPAN] to rob their unsuspecting victims.

3    Changkat Thambi Dollah Off Jalan Pudu - Bus Stop and Wisma Shaw Areas. Lots of Mat Rempits who hang around the bus stop area to snatch your handbag. Those who drive to this area and to Wisma Shaw for shopping or Cari Makan, Please park your car at a safe parking area. Tepi Jalan parking areas can be unsafe - Taiko Tai might force you to remove your car or they will park to block your car. Any words you say to them might end-up by you getting a good bash -up. [They have areas whereby only gang leaders can park their cars]

4   Jalan Pudu From Swiss Garden Hotel to Hentian Pudu Raya and Menara Maybank
4.1:  Ladies, please take care of your handbag and your  handphone when you place it near your ears - Mat Rempit Gang will  Zoooom near you and roughly snatch it from you. You might just fall down due to the impact of it and hurt your head by hitting the ground.

4.2:  When withdrawing cash from the bank's ATM  [Ambank or Maybank] Please look around first b4 you do your withdrawal, IF YOU NOTICE someone looking at you or suspicious to you, then you have to be extra careful!. There is this GERAK KILAT gang who in a split second would be near you and snatch or point a knife at you to handover the money, some even force their victims to withdraw from  other ATM banks.[Acording to my not so reliable source - there were one or two female victims who were raped and dumped at Setapak and Kepong areas]

4.3:    Boarding of Taxi or Unknown Person's Car - Please take note of the route the driver is taking you;  if you are taken to a wrong road, then you would end-up as a Rape victim or if you are a guy, hehehe... you would be cash stripped / burnt in a car.[My best friend lately was a victim, lost his Rolex Watch, Wedding ring and ATM Card ].

4.4:  Ok, Ladies, if you think that it's safe to be on a motorbike with your Macho Guy that's fine, but be aware of motorbikes beside you, they might be snatchers who will snatch your bag and Zoom away

5    Wangsa Maju Putra LRT and TAR College Area.   A New Gangster Area--- this area has now become worse than Jinjang, Balakong or Puchong .Groups of youths will do anything to harm you for just a matter of cents or dislike your personality. Don't stare or look at them, all you will know is that they will just simply stab you with a penknife or a dagger.

6    Kepong, Selayang, Sentul Timur LRT and Wangsa Maju - Unknown Part Time Taxi Drivers or Stolen Taxi Waiting for You  To Be Their Victims - Ladies if you are alone, please DO NOT board a taxi if you think the driver is not pleasant. If you have withdrawn money from the bank or that you are sexy please ENSURE that the driver doesn't  use the central locking of his taxi and driving you to a right route.[You have the full right to ask the taxi driver not to use the central locking - Wind down the windows if he does not obey you].

Macho Guy, you too can be a victim of cash and valuables.

So, to all....please beware ye pas ni... nak2 yg jalan sensorang tu....


shark said...

harap2 bila rmai dh tau kureng ler kes2 berat pasni..
terbaekk ler entry ni..

NM02 said...

dah tgk gambar kembar dlm blog akak?

amal said...

nice info! :)

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